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Colin and Wanda Tandy met in the warm heart of Africa. Two strangers with two completely different journeys.

Colin & Wanda - Green Hippie Yoga


He has wanderlust in his heart, a traveller with rich stories about all the places he had the privilege of seeing. A keen outdoor junkie, a web master, walking into the unknown.

She, a quietly girl with a wild mind full of colourful images and a desire to express her spiritual journey.

After surviving a near fatal plummit down a New Zealand cliff, appropriately called Tumble Down Bay, Colin's outlook and appreciation for life drastically changed into a perspective of gratitude. Read Colin's story

Inspired by his story of recovery, Wanda soon found herself intrigued by his experiences of travelling the world. Listening to his every story, inspired her to express her silent spiritual journey through his words and wisdom.

He created the platform for her to live.

The thing they do best, is communicate. They are campfire people, adventurers at heart, down-to-earth people with a zest for life.

They joined their rich experiences to create this beautiful page to give back joy to the world. There is always, always room for that.

Wanda fired off an idea, Colin picked up the ball and has been running with it ever-since. With his years of experience in web design, Colin took her mind and expressed her soul in what you are about to see.

They are delighted to share with you their collection of soul healing, mind altering, thought provoking, life changing yoga apparel and inspirational articles that has it's roots firmly found in their sacred bond.

They never wanted "normal"... It is a love story.

Just be...