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About Green Hippie Yoga

Green Hippie Yoga provides a full range of yoga and meditation products to help you complete your spiritual journey.

Green Hippie Yoga

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Through the practice of yoga, many a soul has come to discover itself. Green Hippie Yoga aims to bring you world class, high quality, trending yoga and fitness apparel at affordable prices, with a simplified shopping experience.

Our yoga and fitness products are sourced from only the leading manufacturers globally. We have teamed with our most reliable sources in manufacturing and shipping to ensure our customers the best possible service and delivery.

We have done the hard work of selecting prize garments for you, scrutinising the service of our partners and shipment companies in order to uphold our service standards and customer experience.

Our comprehensive range includes yoga sets, sports bra's, yoga socks, tops and pants, yoga mats, chakra jewellery, yoga wheels and blocks and fitness footwear. We have no doubt that you will find your authentic essence inside our yoga shop.

We encourage you to drop us a note, should you need help sourcing more specific products. Our customer service is all important to us, and we stand behind our brand.

We constantly update our product catalogue to keep you in style, new, hip and trendy. Our shop caters for all shapes, sizes and age groups.

Keeping in mind that yoga is a practice for everyone, regardless of age, religion or tradition.

 Yoga heals mind, body and soul.

 We welcome you!

Easy ordering, check out and shipment options.

Through extensive online shopping research and years of experience, we have streamlined your shopping experience.

Our product categories will help you navigate with ease.

Please also make use of the convenient search bar for your searches. The convenient "Add to Cart" button allows you to pick products from our catalogue before checking out. You can return at any point to add or delete items as you scroll through our range. Simply click on "Check Out" to make your purchase.

The purchase form is simplified, secured, with easy instructions to complete your purchase.

You will be kept in the loop of your product purchase with our Green Hippie Yoga tracking system. From the moment you purchase, to it's delivery.

Please be sure to read through our shipping policy in order to understand what happens to your order and familiarise yourself with how the delivery process will be handled.

Because we value our customers and want you to have the quickest, easiest, most affordable online yoga shopping experience, your shipping is on us.

That's right! We promise our customers that no shipping cost will be added to your check out bill. There are no hidden costs, no inflated bills or surprises. This is part of our Green Hippie Yoga Customer Service Policy.

You are valued.

As always, drop us a note if you have any difficulty making your purchase, we are here to keep you Green Hippie Happy.

With all this ease, your online yoga shopping will be a breeze.