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The Essence Of Our Existence.

Pure consciousness. And the realization of that consciousness – our inner self – is called self-realization.


The Essence Of Our Existence.


We usually identify our existence with our position in society, our friends and family, the needs and desires of our body, and the emotional and intellectual expressions of our mind. But we rarely take the time to contemplate the real nature of our existence; to ask the question, “Who am I?”


We all have the feeling of existence; of “I exist”. That “I am” feeling dictates our thoughts, our memories, our feelings, and our actions. It defines who we are as individuals. It is the identity of our mind with our body and with the world around us.


If we take the time and the effort to look deeper into our “I am” feeling we would find a deeper sense of being: a deeper “self”. The realization of that experience is not merely one of “I am”, but the more profound experience of “I know that I am”. That “I” of “I know” is the essence of our existence: pure consciousness. And the realization of that consciousness – our inner self – is called self-realization.


“Cosmic Consciousness abides in the very sense of existence,
in one’s very heart’s desire.”


Knowingly or unknowingly, we all want to attain self-realization, because only by attaining it can we attain what we really want at the core of our being: perfect peace; infinite and eternal happiness – bliss.


The method of doing that is called the spiritual practice and its core technique is meditation.




The Essence Of Our Existence.


The practices of meditation encompass a wide range of techniques for physical, mental and spiritual development, the central practice being meditation.

Meditation means to look within your mind to feel the bliss that is the essence of your existence.


“That bliss is within you, just as it is within everybody and everything.”


Meditation is an essential tool for self-transformation and spiritual development.

Meditation is available to all people free of charge throughout the world. Specially trained teachers give personal instruction in the process of mantra meditation, but you can try a simple technique for yourself now:


  1. Find a comfortable place on the floor and sit with your legs crossed.
  2. Place your hands one on top of the other in your lap, keep your back straight, eyes closed and tongue on the roof of the mouth. 
  3. Your breathing should be calm and relaxed, through the nose.
  4. Now imagine that you are sitting in the most peaceful place that you can think of.
  5. Feel that you are sitting there in complete peace, and imagine infinite happiness is surrounding you in every direction. 
  6. Feel that you are completely surrounded by that infinite peace and happiness

Why Meditate?


Your ability to function in the world can be greatly enhanced – almost super-enhanced.


Physically and mentally, it will set you apart in any crowd of people if you give yourself to the practice sufficiently. And health-wise, there is any amount of medical research today to tell you that it does miraculous things to you.


I hope you enjoyed this article.

Have a wonderful day.



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