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Interesting Problems Waiting To Be Solved

The world is full of interesting problems waiting to be solved.

Interesting Problems Waiting To Be Solved

This modern world brings to us an evolved mass of difficulties, spun tightly enough to squeeze us right out of our centeredness.
Even the noblest attempt to pay attention, consciously, to not succumb to its crippling effect, seem to bring about a sense of disconnect and frustration. Every obstacle equally balancing the positive, designed to imbalance our fragile souls. What a magnificent concoction to navigate, it calls loudly for attention to the tiny details left out of textbooks and Saturday morning yoga poses. It takes digging in hard.

It's like walking a tightrope.

As we keep our attention fixated on curling our toes around this entanglement of rope, we hold passionately onto every quote we have ever heard, every bit of inspiring advice that we believe could keep us from taking a tumble back to where we started. Difficult to imagine then, that even this deep well of resources can run dry. That's life! That's exactly how relationships, business deals, family life and everything else goes, the demand escalates according to the effort we have put in...and then it throws in some balls for us to juggle too!

Bringing it into a balanced perspective.

Make no mistake, falling is just as fundamental to our growth as getting up. It blesses us with resilience, a sense of knowing better next time, and sometimes even a laugh in retrospect. These are indeed the sweet sips of life itself, the ambrosia that eventually starts pulsing through our veins, giving us character, making us achievers and spiritual contortionists, tightrope masters. Every time we get back on that rope with bruised knees and a bump sticking out somewhere, we touch that sense of knowing next time will be better.

Nothing counts as failing.

Perhaps every situation is simply our point of view. Everyone around us has a different angle of perception. Even our own angles differ as we look at our obstacles. Jason Silava so eloquently describes perception in this story.
Imagine a group of blind people being brought in to an elephant. They have obviously never seen one, so they go around it, touching and feeling as they go along, yet every one of them comes out with a different perception of what an elephant is! 
But how do we debate their view, they were there, in the moment, they have the "experience" of the elephant. Perhaps we should learn to close our eyes and feel with our hearts around our problems, get some new perspectives that may help us navigate around it. Opening up new perceptions to the challenge, instead of fighting so hard to believe that our point of view is the only solid, tried, tested and correct conclusion, can bring unexpected solutions.

I failed vs. I learned

The thing about that sense of failure is that it can be so deeply unsettling, and it can take so much valuable time to sort through the piles of emotional guilt and questions. It leaves us feeling vulnerable, almost dumbfounded at the idea that things didn't turn out the way we hoped for, more so, had faith in. Did we not create something miraculous in our minds? Did we not throw the doors of our hearts wide open and said to life, come, show me something wonderful!? That sense of failure, when you have done the work, read the scripts, played the part, studied the journals, sat through the speeches, invested the effort, can leave us feeling nothing less than discouraged enough to even try again. Hopeless, sometimes faithless at the whole fabric of our existential potential. Hurt, bitter, unfairly treated.

Rebalance. Get up. Dust off. Walk.

Interesting Problems Waiting To Be Solved

Why do we complicate stuff so much? We overthink. Psychoanalyse. When all it really calls us to do, is to find that center again, where everything has perspective and works for our greater good. That silent place inside where inner truth dwells and the voice of our own inherited wisdom can be heard. The bang of life is so loud sometimes that we can't hear the clear calling back to our own center. We are all born with that innate sense of knowing exactly where we went wrong and exactly what it requires to be fixed, it comes from this place. The challenge, as we know, is to silence the mind. To disconnect it from the current flowing into us from the problem we experience.

Be honest with yourself.

Accept that there are no shortcuts in life. These things are sent as great teachers. They shape us, they carve us, they are the bringers of wisdom. They also call us to be prepared to face our own shortcomings, that's where the true positive power of facing an obstacle always leads us. Facing ourselves. It makes us pivot right back into more fulfilling experiences, awakening a little bit more every time. The sips of life become sweeter, it becomes a holy communion, the Eucharist.

Why meditation, bringing it down to the mat.

Interesting Problems Waiting To Be Solved

As we become deeply aware of the call back to our center, we start the shadow work. This almost certainly unleashes a mighty gulf of resistance that pushes up all the settled, unhealed and in need of love conditions inside ourselves. So as we bring it to the mat, we prepare for an honest personal experience. Nothing that we bring here, gets discussed or passed around. It is our sacred space. It can be trusted, it is forgiving, loving and healing. In this sitting down, we begin to hold space for ourselves.
Everything is welcome, understood and accepted here. Through meditation, we bring ourselves into our own presence to view. It is a means of stepping away from the inner chatter just enough to finally grasp its meaning. Here, you discover that you are your own best friend. It brings clarity, and we find our center again. It is always calm, peaceful and loving at our core. Here you come in direct contact with great reminders of who you are, why you are, and why you are who you are. There are no tightropes, just clarity of being.

Communicating with ourselves.

The deepest level of communication is not communication, it is communion with ourselves. Meditation is accepting the invitation to bring YOU to your own table to dine again. YOU have prepared the meal and YOU will be your company. It is YOU knocking on your own door and inviting yourself back in. You have come to your most sacred space, to holy communion with yourself. Accept the invitation, surrender to the magnificent beauty and depth of all your own stories around the table you set for yourself. 

Answering to the inner call.

All of life is but this sacred sip of wine, the holy communion. It's a call to our awareness and brings us back to wholeness. Our inner wisdom does not come from the walls and chambers of institutions, but from the honest, unpretentious inner conversations. As we come, not to fight or to conquer, or to prove or defend, we discover our own inherent wisdom in the waiting. Shadow work is hard work, you come to die here, but you will also rebirth here.
Meditation changes the world inside us, then spills out to change the world around us.

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