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Everything Is Becoming Something

There is an impulse at all levels of existence that urges everything forward.

Everything Is Becoming Something

Through transformations into something beyond their current expressions. Does this also apply to our spiritual nature?

What are You Evolving Into?

As we look out at the vastness of the universe and the vast array of lifeforms it contains we find an ongoing movement toward becoming.

Everything is becoming something other than as it is in its present form. Whole suns, planets, and galaxies are changing and becoming. Life from the simplest to the most complex is also becoming. Societies are becoming.

Our Experience

We personally experience this as we go through life. We are certainly not the same person we were when we were 5 or 10 even though we know ourselves to be a progression of that person. Our consciousness has changed, matured and evolved. We are continually not only discovering the edges of our potential, but we are even pushing the limits in exploring our uncharted potential.

We don’t know what we are becoming for the mind can only speculate.

At each step in our becoming we are amazed at what we find and how different it is from what we imagined it might be. Even if we are not paying attention to this process it is happening to everything and everyone collectively. And yet we can wonder what would happen if we did pay attention? Might we become more full participants on the leading edge?

Everything Is Becoming Something


The word “Buddha” means “awakened one.” Awakening or enlightenment is a remarkable process that seems to happen to some spontaneously and to others only after long searching and practices.

We may not be able to say why this happens, how this happens, or even what happens, but in the awakening, there are profound shifts in consciousness that can barely be put in words. When these epiphanies happen a person’s perspective on everything changes. Life is never seen the same again and the individual’s participation is also never the same.

Everything is viewed in a new expanded context, and how a person plays in the context is driven by something beyond the individual.

Some imagine they have arrived at the pinnacle of human evolution, and yet others believe they have only begun. For those who have only begun there is an immersion in all that presents itself.

Explorations of the urge to become expand into all possibilities which are now seen to be infinite. The realizations of unity consciousness foster an expanding joy and beauty. Some participate more fully in global evolution. Some delve into deeper mysteries of cosmic existence.

Rather than the traditional views of all the questions being answered and withdrawing from life, there are new questions to explore.

What is the ultimate beauty?

What is ultimate love?

What is the ultimate music?

What is ultimate joy?

What is the ultimate discovery?

What is the ultimate fun?

What is the ultimate potential?

What is the ultimate spiritual awareness?

What is the ultimate creativity?

What is the ultimate science?

What is ultimate?

This is evolutionary enlightenment to which there is no end. And why would there ever be?

Wherever we are on this journey there is something ahead for us and we needn’t wonder what it is, for it will be revealed as we participate

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