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Copies of Existence

Since the moment you were born, you have replicated literally every experience you have ever had. 

Copies of Existence

At first, as a baby on the mother's breast, you carefully observed her facial features to find your own, to identify who you are. Her smile and soft hand stroking your cheek connected complex emotional neurological pathways that would stay with you your entire life.

The Programming

As a toddler, you would mimic movement and speech and identify certain tones with emotions which set the path for many behavioral patterns.
As a teenager, a little lost in a world with your laid down patterning strongly in place, you discovered you had an opinion about it all.
The messy, tangled place beneath all the programming and conditioning that needed to be "you".
So you have some role models of ideal characteristics or social status that seems appealing to you and once again begin to replicate as best you can.
Roughly about here, you also realize that there is much more beneath the layers and layers of all that you have been taught to be as acceptable and morally correct and proper to make you a decent human being.
The deeper the programming goes, the bigger the inner rebellion seems to be too.
And here you are, put into a big world, ready and eager...and full of existential questions of who you are beneath all this.

Where do you even start looking?

Copies of Existence

The biggest question probably being "who am I" and what the bleep am I doing here!
The search for purpose is on! 
Fortunately, we were created with a powerful tool, a search engine finely tuned to our emotional states and a consciousness that is already part of a much bigger picture.

A navigating system into a quantum field of brilliant possibilities.

You find your utterance in what resonates and navigate energetically towards a bigger goal. This is the power of our mind.
The experience of life seems to be designed to confuse us just enough to let us willingly dive into the abyss of possibilities and find our resonance. 
Within this field, we are free to experience as much as we wish, however, with hardwiring and obstacles it can quickly spiral us into emotions of depression, anxiety, and magnitude of stressful factors for which it is difficult to find meaningful answers.

There is purpose though

Successful people have mastered the art of the bounce back.
The ability to distinctively know what resonates inside the field of possibilities.
They are fine-tuned to what feels good, or better than the previous experience. They aim higher every time without hitting moments of despair. Or at least so it seems.
For many of us, the bounce back is harder, it takes longer. 
Mastering the art of this first step, this bounce back, is what keeps us vibrating higher for longer periods of time, until the wiring changes and becomes a new pattern, a new habit, and we stay vibrationally high enough to meet equal vibrations which carry us into universal purpose and flow. It becomes a meaningful life.

Let's take up the challenge of the bounce back.

Find in ourselves the courage of picking it up when it feels impossibly difficult.
In this quantum field of possibilities, there also exists that which is perfect for every single one of us, in all of our complexities, aches, and pains. 
We were meant to thrive, not just merely exist. 
Inject the quantum energy field with possibilities and powerful emotional responses.
In doing so, we are able to change our physical wiring. Its is all you can dream it to be.
Commit to that bounce back, vibrate, become a powerful energetically attuned instrument, seeking purpose and fulfillment and truth your own way.
Momentum kicks in soon enough, but this is it, and you are bounce!

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