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Clearing And Healing Your Aura - Protecting Your Energy Field

You can quickly and easily heal your aura, clear out anything negative that's hanging around, strengthen it and even choose the color you want to give off.

This exercise focuses on clearing, healing and protecting your energy field.

Talk about something that's empowering! It's wonderful to know that you really can control your energy and use it to your benefit rather than being at the mercy of it.

This exercise focuses on clearing, healing and protecting your energy field.

~ Getting Started

What You Need For Meditation

~ A quiet room

~ Mood music if you'd like (I enjoy nature sounds or classical music.)

~ About fifteen minutes of uninterrupted time

That's all you need. Now let's get to work on your aura!

~ Relaxing

Once you get used to working with your aura energy, all you need to do is spend five minutes (or more if you'd like) in the morning and/or evening doing this meditation exercise.

In the beginning you might want to do it for about fifteen minutes or so until getting into your relaxed state and connecting with your energy field becomes easier.

Don't let the thought of meditation stress you in any way. It doesn't take hours of practice or an empty mind to meditate.

In fact, I prefer to think of this meditation as "active" meditation rather than passive. There's no way I can sit somewhere and just allow my mind to go blank. It's natural to have dozens of thoughts whizzing through your mind, and trying to shut this off creates more stress we don't need in our lives.

Following a spiritual path should bring you peace and focus, not anxiety and frustration.

Following a spiritual path should bring you peace and focus, not anxiety and frustration.

1. A place to meditate.

To begin the exercise, go somewhere quiet--many people choose their bedroom--and put on some soothing music in the background such as nature sounds or classical music, if you'd like. Sit on your bed or the floor--wherever is most comfortable for you. (I prefer to sit up rather than lying down since it's easy to fall asleep.)

2. Body scan.

The best way to relax is to perform a body scan. Close your eyes and focus on your feet and how they feel then consciously relax them. Now move up to your calves and thighs, relaxing the muscles there.

Do this for every part of your body, all the while breathing normally. By the time you reach your head all of your muscles should feel loose and relaxed. If not, you can do the body scan again.

3. Breathing.

If I'm really uptight before starting this exercise I inhale a deep, slow breath through my nose, hold for the count of five then let it out slowly through my mouth. (Imagine blowing on a spoonful of hot soup to get an idea of how to exhale during this exercise.)

Do this a few times until you start to relax. Take your time, this is a journey not a race. Once you feel relaxed we'll move on to clearing your energy field.

~ Clearing and Healing

Visualize a glass egg around you and swirling black or gray smoke trapped inside--this represents any negativity you have in your life.

I sometimes imagine the names of the negative things as well. So, along with this swirling black around me, I also see the labels of things that are bothering me at the time such as "overdue bills", "argued with daughter", or whatever else is on my mind at the time.

Now imagine a bright rainbow light coming down from the Universe into the top of the egg, penetrating it and shattering it.

The black aura color and all those negative labels start drifting away from you like smoke clouds, and the rainbow light fills up every area of your body inside and out until you are completely immersed in it.

~ Fill Yourself With Light

Visualize this warming and energizing light going into your head, neck, shoulders, arms, hands, back, chest, pelvis, thighs, calves, and feet. Imagine this beautiful rainbow light filling every inch of you. Take as much time as you need.

At some point you might start feeling warm all over, maybe a tingling sensation or something different about your mind and body that shows this is working.

If it doesn't happen at first, don't worry, as you progress on this path you'll notice a lot of incredible changes taking place. Sticking to it makes all the difference in the world.

~ Clearing Your Aura

Once you're at this point, picture the rainbow light leaving through your feet, taking any and all negativity with it down into the center of the earth where it's burned up.

I like to imagine any negativity being burned into oblivion rather than sending it out into the Universe and polluting it. I also like to visualize this rainbow light as a swirling whirlpool going from my head then down and out through the soles of my feet.

At this point your energy is cleared and you're ready to create a protective shield around you.

~ Creating a Protective Shield

Now imagine a bubble of white light surrounding you. White is the purest color of all and is highly spiritual, so it's an excellent protective color. Only goodness and soul lessons can come through the protective shield sent by the Universe. You are safe at all times within your bubble.

You can repeat the following affirmation to yourself as you do the meditation:

"I am safe at all times within my protective circle of light. Good things come to me daily because I deserve love, success, wealth, and happiness."

Or, feel free to create your own affirmation. After all, you know what you need in your life right now.

Clearing And Healing Your Aura - Protecting Your Energy Field

~ Ending The Meditation

Once you're at this point you can end the meditation. Open your eyes, take a few cleansing breaths, and acclimate yourself to your surroundings.

The whole exercise should only take a couple of minutes or as long as you'd like. Most days I just meditate for five minutes or so and other days I might meditate for half an hour.

Go through your day and see if things are different than they usually are.

Be aware of any coincidences, synchronicity, opportunities, or anything positive that comes your way.

Thank your spirit guides or angels so they know you're paying attention.

The more you're open to their help and guidance, the more help and guidance they can send your way!

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