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5 Powerful Symbols to Enhance a Yogic Lifestyle

Imbibe all the yoga life mottos in your everyday existence with the form of powerful symbols.

The Yogi lifestyle involves some very empowering ideas - the possibility of unity and harmony between the elements of the deepest universe, reaching the divine through a heightened meditative consciousness, a consistent state of joyfulness and equivalence to the ups and downs in life.

Conventional expressions often fall short to depict these bafflingly profound concepts and that is when symbolism comes in handy.

Wear them on your tees, dangle as lockets or adorn your walls. Keep them glowing in your forethought and in the space around yourself to ward off evil and invoke positive energies.

Use these symbols around your home to bring harmony to your practice.

Here is a list of important symbols embodying yoga life philosophy-

Om, to become One with Creation

Aum Symbol

The Om, pronounced as Aum is the primal sound. It is believed to be the origin of creation.

The ringing vibration of the Aum remains long after the sound dies out. Meditational peace and journeying inward is favored by the deep resonance of this sound. Aum is chanted at the beginning and end of a yoga practice.

The symbol is believed to be sacred, connecting the bearer to the creation and eternal existence.

Pair this symbol with the mala or sacred beads for the throat to instill propitious energy within your being.

Ganesha Symbolizing Balance


The many-handed, elephant-headed deity ' Ganesha' is a symbol of balance and wholeness that yogic discipline perpetuates.

The symbol of Ganesha is characterized by four hands.

One hand is in the gesture of protection, one holding a sweet representing rewards of the spiritual path, an "Anushka" or tool for taming elephants representing Ganesha's dynamic role in disciplining a mind gone astray and a noose signifying curbing of the ego.

The large head suggesting wisdom and the pot belly representing fulfillment too are in consonance with yogic aims.

Bring auspiciousness to your homes by placing the Ganesha idol on a centerpiece.

The 7 Chakra Symbols

7 Chakra symbols

The human body is believed to house seven centers of spiritual powers. These are the chakras. Exquisite symbols signifying different values represent these chakras.

To circulate particular worths in your individuality, fill your space with chakra symbols.

• Root Chakra will intensify stability by grounding you. Execute your day-to-day yoga routine in the presence of this sign for enhancing body balance which consequently will certainly maintain as well as reinforce your mind.

• Sacral Chakra can be donned to ignite sexual creativity. Primal reactions are improved in the visibility of this chakra bringing sensuous flavors to partnerships

• Solar Plexus Chakra is centered on personal peace. Sensitivity and love are the qualities intensified in the presence of it.

• Heart Chakra enhances love and dispels rejection. Harmony, as well as connection, can be built by the virtue of the Heart Chakra sign

• Throat Chakra is concerned with communication and self-expression. Bring this chakra symbol in your surroundings to augment assertiveness. Wavering resolutions could also be cemented properly with this chakra.

• Third Eye Chakra relates to spiritual connectedness. Include this icon around you to enhance personal understanding, the capability to heal and faculties of creative imagination

• Crown Chakra signifies a lofty sense of connection with the divine. Add this sign in your surroundings to strike a union with universe past the constraints of space and time

The Divine Lotus

The Mahayana sect of Buddhism maintains that all souls emerge from a Divine lotus flower

The lotus is a common symbol for the unfolding divinity within all earthly beings in Hindu and Buddhist traditions.

The lotus posture or padmasana in yoga culture is a seated position to feel the divinity blooming inside you through the unfolding of a thousand lotus petals.

Blend this symbolism of divinity in and around you to foster your daily yoga practice with more meaning.

The flower grows out of the mud to the water surface and water drops slide off petals-signifying detachment, an important yogic principle.

Mandala Representing Universe

Mandala symbol

Mandala is used in meditational practices. "Mandala meditation" requires the participant to focus on a circular mandala placed before him or her, representing the universe in a harmonized pattern.

On a deeper stage of meditation, the practitioner can visualize such a form with all its concentric and geometric details.

Decorate your room with multiple mandalas or place a single wall hanging depicting the pattern in the meditational room.

Focusing your gaze and mind on the mandala will channelize your attention inward and heighten consciousness, helping you feel one with the universe.

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